My name is Dejan Nikitovič and I was born on the 11th of April, 1978 in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Our family is very large and it's origins are very widespread. My personal mentality is liberal and I was never religious or too much patriotic. I speak slovenian, english, german, croatian and I have plan to learn italian language somewhere in the near future.

hobby and sport life
As lots of kids I have tried many of sport activities and was a member of scout group for many years. As a kid I have started training basketball for many years and I will continue practicing it as regular exercise. With recommendation of friend, I am training karate and it is one of the best experiences I have discovered in my life, because it dramatically improves every part of body and soul. I love cycling but mostly for personal transportation.

work experiences
When I was 5, my father bought our first computer. It was the Commodore 64 and it was used only for games, but some time later, I did some programming with my first PC but also discovered that design and user experience is much more suitable for me. My first job as a student worker was in IBM Slovenia as a support technician and later as web master where I was working every summer. When the HTML code was in diapers I have started to learn it and really soon I have created first commercial web site for a company. It's design was not superb, but they did pay me :) So, I have started to learn more and in some time I have received offers from small and medium sized companies. Later, I have started as a webmaster and journalist in some Press Agency where we have also designing press catalogs. After that I was working as a webmaster and public relation for my father's company and other companies, such as a Journalist for largest magazine for telecommunications in Slovenia.

I have finished primary and high school in Ljubljana and I have registered at Open University, which is located in United Kingdom. I would like to stimulate my curiosity encourage to ask questions and challenge assumptions, and help me understand myself , so I have chosen Social Sciences. I have attended many interesting seminars and courses, where I have gained useful knowledge and confirmed my own knowledge.

notable achievements
In years 1999-2003 I was running a web site that gained more than 350.000 unique visitors per day and in total time more than 85 million visitors. With managing so many users I have gained great knowledge about web marketing, which is serving me very well. I helped designing and advising an application called Today which was adjusted for PalmOS devices. It was programmed by Jonas Liensted and it was one of most popular applications for PalmOS devices and it has reached more than half million downloads. I am founder of biggest educational web site in Slovenia, where practical knowledge is added every single day. It has reached almost 130.000 visitors and 600.000 pageviews per month. On 11th of November in year 2011 we have started new international project with one simple goal to spread a free practical knowledge over the world.

final words
Good advise is a need to make an useful and selling web site for every single business around. Companies around the globe invest enormous money in useless web projects, but having almost nothing from them. If you need a good advice for a web project, contact me and I will try to advice you as best as I can.